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Creative Brazil was founded in 2003 by Ana Clark, daughter of architects, bachelor in tourism, she had her own travel agency for 7 years. Encouraged by a friend, she began to reconcile tourism and jewelry. After a few months she ended up chosing the jewelry business. And ironically, she would end up traveling more than in the Travel Agent career!

The artist made the opposite way of most people do: first began to sell abroad (United States) in 2003 she participated in the first show in Los Angeles, California.

I remember the first day I came in the “Los Angeles Convention Center” and I was thinking, “Is my booth even exist? It will be there?” And there he was number 524 written “CREATIVE BRAZIL” !!! Now it is for real !!! The dream came true !!! I’ll never forget that day!

The show was not great, but I could feel the potential of my pieces ! Several customers stopping and saying truly that was a unique, creative jewelry, made by hand, etc … It was very motivating !!! Six months later I came back and did again the Los Angeles show and then another one in San Francisco.

After that I never stopped, besides the United States we also did shows in Europe and Mexico.

I had to learn all about export, fashion and trend of other countries. It was a very challenging experience! Entering the international market, another language, culture! As I was doing a show I was already planning the next one! I was feeling “dominating the world” ! Sometimes we would stay for 4 or 5 months in the United States, from city to city from plane to plane, from hotel to hotel. I missed being home, I missed washing dishes!!!

I met many people of various nationalities during this time, customers, suppliers, friends who also participated in the shows. We became a kind of “family” and we always help,each other exchange information and experiences.

We have three commercial representatives who sell our brand to stores. We met them on this journey from show to show.

The result after 13 years of a lot of travel and work can be seen in more than 400 stores selling Creative Brazil in the United States, Europe, Canada and Latin America.
“Travel seems glamorous, however it is very tiring … especially after you have a baby!” Mariana, her daughter is 8 years old and was born in San Francisco, California.

In 2013 I began to develop a collection to be sold in Brazil. The idea is stay “a little” more in Brazil, at home. And mainly invest more in the online store. I want to be our strongest sales channel in the future !!!

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